A B O U T   P A L T R A D E

purpose is to lead the development of Palestinian trade as a driving force for sustainable national economic growth. As the National Trade Development Organization (NTDO) and a membership of more than 327 Palestinian leading businesses, PalTrade advocates a competitive, enabling business environment and is dedicated to improving trade competitiveness through trade promotion and capacity building.

PalTrade’s operation and services are guided by sector-based strategies for trade development supported by assessment of cross-sectoral opportunities and impediments. These strategies are deployed through a range of services and activities aimed at vitalizing sectors to export to target markets.

Our Mission

PalTrade’s Mission is to Develop Trade Through:

  • Advocating a competitive, business enabling environment

  • Improving trade competitiveness through trade promotion and capacity building

  • Fostering international business practices and standards among professionals, firms and business organizations

  • Providing trade-enabling knowledge

Organization Values

These values and philosophies emerged from PalTrade’s restructuring process and are embraced by the organization:

  • PalTrade acknowledges the importance of its human resource as the one and only asset for delivering quality services to its constituencies.

  • PalTrade values the input of its partner associations and institutions whether public or private as critical elements in achieving its own institutional goals and objectives.

  • PalTrade believes in an open market trade regime for the sake of efficient Palestinian economic growth, yet it also acknowledges the infancy of certain Palestinian industries that need support for effective growth.

  • PalTrade is a non-profit organization that aspires to always operate in profit-making efficiency modes.

  • PalTrade promotes specialization within its human resource base and structure to encourage technical capacity building and innovation through continuous investment in its human capital.

  • Transparency in all PalTrade endeavors is not only highly valued but it is inherent in conducting day to day business, most notably sector marketing and development plans, set by its network partners.

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