Call for Consultants - EU Project

PalTrade has received a grant from the EU to implement a project titled “Creating a Business Enabling Environment for a Green Economy in Palestine” as part of European Union (EU), represented by the European Commission (EC), Support to Civil Society Organizations in Palestine – Economic Development and Local Authorities.

The project second outcome is building the capacity for the Palestinian enterprise easy access for enterprises to high quality development and trade information services that will provide them with the tools to identify the needed resources to produce products and services in a green business enabling environment, the related activities for the above mentioned outcome is , Identifying and providing capacity building programs for certified trade advisors, PalTrade staff, and other local experts/consultants in understanding the needs of a green economy in the Palestinian Territory, Developing and supporting Palestinian enterprises on the firm level to build their capacity to obtain internationally recognized certifications and assessment training. In order to build up the capacity of the 15 selected MSMEs to penetrate global markets, and Facilitating access to market information and financing options for affordable green technology and production systems. For further information about the project, kindly find the attached related document.

The Project is seeking to build the capacity of local consultants in the country to support companies / NGOs to transfer their value chain to produce green products for export. The project is looking to select a group of local consultants and prepare them to conduct such tasks in the country.     Consultants who perform well will further support selected companies in the project to do such process. 


Click on the links below to download the TOR and Project Document:

1. Term of Refrenece;

2. Project Document.