The Shift towards a Green Economy in Palestine

The Shift towards a Green Economy in Palestine


Ramallah – Wattan News: The Palestine Trade Center (PalTrade) held a workshop today in Ramallah concerning the project that focuses on the shift towards a greener economy in Palestine which is funded by  the European Union.


The Chief Executive Officer - CEO,  Ms. Hanan Taha, stated that the organization held this workshop in the context of the green economy project.  It is part of a new initiative in Palestine concerning a change in direction towards an eco-friendly economy.


Taha further confirmed that the green economy project would continue over a three-year period, and that it would target the creation of a partnership between the public and private sectors in the framework of supporting the idea of producing environmentally conscious products and strengthening the project’s presence both locally and internationally.


For his part, Tariq Matarieh, a researcher in the field of economics and industry, reinforced the idea that a “green economy” means an economy that takes into account environmentally sound management in production as well as improving working conditions for citizens.  He referred in the same context to the existence of challenges halting progress towards realization of this economy and its application in Palestine, such as the absence of regulatory legislation, weak possibilities, and lack of awareness constituting particularly important factors.


Matarieh also claimed that the positive factors that reinforce the idea of Palestinian dependence on a green economy include a rise in the price of electricity, a lack of water sources, and a rise in the price of fuels compared with other countries of the world.  It is imperative for Palestinians to look to alternatives, in particular those related to solar energy and wind energy, as these represent good environmental factors.


Along with the above, the Acting Director General of Industry, Trade, and Natural Resources in the Ministry of National Economy, Engineer Shefa’ Abu Sa’adeh, confirmed that the Ministry of Economy supports any direction forward due to the fact Palestinian producers are friends of the environment and preserve the Palestinian natural landscape.  In the same vein, she referred to the importance of strengthening the concept of raising awareness in the green economy and reflecting on the application of this concept towards strengthening marketing for Palestinian products globally.


In his role, PalTrade Board member and Al-Hijaz Chocolate Company representative, Hussein Hijaz, stated that the issuing of legislation related to supporting the idea of a green economy serves to reduce wastage in production and improves efficiency and adds value to Palestinian products competing locally and globally.


Hijaz further added that in his company, management worked to apply the concept of clean production.  In practice, they discovered a huge wastage in in the production process, and this reflects positively in terms of material revenue, as well as in terms of the production process and performance indicators.