TOR : Local Consultancy Of Market Research and Targeted Assessment of Small Scale Production Units

The project “Improving Palestinian small-scale producers access to and power in high value fruit and small ruminants value chains” funded by the Australian Government, and implemented by Oxfam and other partners, aims to improve the access and strengthening of small Palestinian producers within the Value Chain of High Value Fruit and Small Ruminants (AMENCA3), which will improve the performance of agricultural markets for farmers and producers throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip and empowering, women and youth socially and economically Through creating working environment committed  to gender equity  and Inclusion Strategy and provide equitable employment opportunities in cooperation with private sector institutions and companies.

PalTrade is an implementing, in partnership with OXFAM, a series of activities that aim at improving local and international access to markets. The range of implemented activities also extends to include increasing supply and demand of certain high potential commodities for small scale farmers and processors. In this regard PalTrade is seeking a qualified consultant/consultancy firm to conduct a local market research for 6 identified commodities in Gaza Strip. The study aims to develop the local market by conducting an extensive, yet focused, market research for 6 commodities in Gaza which are: Frozen Vegetables, French fries, Maftoul, Palm dates, Pickled olive and olive oil, and dried fruits. The study shall look at and recommend effective ways to increase sales and market share and Competitive advantageof selected commodities through direct and indirect sales (supply to major retailers and/or wholesalers and food processors).


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