Formulating a monitoring system to differentiate local handcraft products from importing ones

The Palestinian market is dumped with handicrafts that are not made in Palestine and affect negatively large number of small producers in this sector.

Palestinian handicrafts have been a main source of income for large number of small businesses. It also constitutes an integral part of the tourism sector and represents a souvenir from the heard of Palestine that becomes an integral part of remembering Palestine.

The Action: this action targets endorsing a national level monitoring system and mechanism to not only protect the handicraft market from dumping but also guarantee clearly distinguishing Palestinian handicraft products from imported ones. 

Reaching such a system will be heavily discussed and coordinated with all stakeholders in the sector. The endorsed policy will be also disseminated widely through awareness sessions to be conducted in cooperation with all stakeholders. In this regard PalTrade in fully partnership with, MoNE , Ministry of Tourism and union of handcrafts and tourism products with the support of PMDP, a UK Aid and EU funded programme implemented by DAI Europe in cooperation with the Ministry of National Economy, conducted  the national dialog for all relevant stakeholders to have main related inputs toward  formulating a monitoring system to differentiate local handcraft products from imported ones . The workshop conducted on Wednesday November 16, 20146 in Bethlehem targeted all relevant stakeholders from public and private sectors. 33 participants attended the workshop.

The workshop has large impact in terms of strengthening the networking between all related parties and having one vision toward formulating a monitoring system. Moreover, preparing for bilateral meetings with main parties including souvenir traders and identify specific and clear priorities towards formulating a monitoring system.