Success Story: PalTrade's New Website

Success Story: PalTrade's New Website


On September 18th 2014, PalTrade conducted a launching ceremony of its new website, with the participation of key donor institutions and partners (DFATD and UNDP), and perhaps most importantly the participation of its members and clients. The purpose of the launching event is to introduce our members and clients to the new services provided by PalTrade.

The new website is fast proving its success since its launch, on three major fronts:

  1. Requests for trade information
  2. Virtual Exhibition & Business Opportunities
  3. New memberships

Prior to website launch, trade information where usually requested by PalTrade’s own staff and departments and the frequency of which were very limited and would not exceed 10 requests per month, however following the launch the Market Intelligence Department recorded an exponential rise in trade information requests of about 225% in the month of October, and the information is mainly requested by outside sources such as the Italian Consulate and other Palestinian companies. Not only did the frequency of information requests increased but also the nature of these requests, which now tended to abandon the usual requests for simple statistics, towards market intelligence reports and requests for contacts of Palestinian importers and exporters to establish trade leads.


The Virtual Exhibition & Business Opportunities, provides our members with the ability to market their companies and their products online, by posting to the website pictures and a short description of their products, currently the website have more than 20 firms exhibiting their products online.


All of this activity has helped increase PalTrade exposure and reputation in Palestine, this led to attraction of 4 new companies as members at PalTrade, these companies filled out the online application form on our website and are currently being walked-through our membership process.