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PalTrade can help you in many ways. Below is a brief look at how we can help your business in its growth and export aspirations.


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Consider your market entry options and be aware of risks you may encounter as an exporter. We will give you valuable information related to these important strategic considerations.


Deciding to export: Exporting can help your business grow, and improve your competitiveness by exposing you and your staff to new ideas and demands from overseas customers.

Choosing market entry strategies: There are many options for entering an overseas market – choosing the right one depends on a number of factors.

Export risk: Assess, prioritize and minimize export risk.









PalTrade will help you get started on researching your potential markets; knowing where to export to can sometimes be the hardest decision. Based on your knowledge of your products or services, and trends in the industry, you are likely to have some indication of target markets, and we will help you make that determination. We will guide you through a systematic approach to determine your target markets.


Review the demand: Track regional and global demand changes for your products. Look at the values and quantities that have been exported and imported in world economy.

Competitors and partners: Investigate the competitive landscape of your product and/or service. Who is exporting most to the markets that you are interested in? Which brand has a largest share in your target market? PalTrade can help you answer these questions and more.

Legal and regulatory information: Taxes, duties, health certificates, voluntary and non-voluntary standards, and customs. All of these market access conditions are worthy of your consideration and PalTrade will help you to optimize your profits by taking understanding these regulations and taking advantage of them.






Do you have the capacity, willingness and financial capability to scale up for new export orders? Are you committed and efficient enough to do this? Can you secure the finance and maintain the required quality? We will help you answer these questions and more.


Delivering: PalTrade will help you assess whether you can secure your export orders you and become certain that you have the resources and capacity to deliver, and potentially scale up.

Logistics. We will help you determine your logistics. To export cost-effectively you need a good understanding of supply chain logistics, and freight and delivery options.

Risk mitigation. We will also help you better understand the process of managing risks associated with manufactured products. We will shed light on risk and liability issues to consider when exporting your manufactured goods and/or services.







Exporting can put considerable financial strain on your existing business: can you make money and where can you source capital? We will help you think strategically about such considerations.



Make money: Before exporting, it's important to work out whether you can make enough profit to cover your costs.

Cashflow considerations: Exporting and export market development can be risky and expensive, especially when it is misaligned with company strategy and not properly planned or executed.

Loan options: Understanding your options if and when you need funding for initial capital investment from financial institutions.







Once you start thinking about exporting, success is more likely if you thoroughly research and plan the process. We help you answer crucial questions such as:


How you will deal with agents, distributors, staff and even customers at a considerable distance? By email, phone, visiting, having an office in-market or by employing staff overseas?

What factors could lead to changes of your products or services (in form, function and / or distribution)? What would you have to change in your product or service to meet the needs of an overseas market?

How you will cope with cultural and language factors when you deal with overseas intermediaries, customers or consumers?

How you will assess the costs of pre-entry research, market entry, the cost of staying in the overseas market and growing that market?

Are there any unique trade or product expectations in the target country? For example, labeling or packaging requirements?






Market-led R&D is the key to positioning your product ahead of your competitors. It allows you to maintain and grow market share and offer pricing based on strong value propositions. PalTrade will mentor you as you look at certain R&D considerations.


We will help you undertake market research or analysis to identify what your target market needs and wants.

We will help you compare the findings to your existing product and / or service offering.

If a modification is required, we will help you determine whether it is a ‘cosmetic’ modification (changes to branding, marketing, packaging etc.) or ‘profound’ (changes to the product itself – e.g. you’re aiming your food product at a new market that wants different flavors).