Board of Directors

PalTrade’s Board of Directors is a group of representatives from the Palestinian private sector. The Board is responsible for overseeing PalTrade’s strategic direction and ensuring that we “stay the course” drawn in our strategic goals. The board members are elected by our members once every two years through a general assembly vote.



                                                                      Mr. Ibrahim Barham


                Mr. Faisal Al Shawwa             Mr. Sameh Thawabteh         Mr. Iyad Joudeh

                Deputy Chairman                    Treasurer                                Secretary




Mr. Anan Anabtawi       Mr. Elias Al Arja         Mr. Abdel Hakem Fuqaha   Mr. Robin Al- Julani 

Member                          Member                     Member                                  Member





Mr. Naser Osaily            Mr. Tayseer Al Ostath    Mr. Waddah Bsaiso   Mr. Mohammad El Alami

Member                          Member                           Member                       Member