Business Development Services

Export Readiness Assessment

Following the Capability Report, PalTrade works on Export Readiness Assessment. This assessment is a set of 43 questions; the questions help in examining the current and potential exporting status of the companies. The consultant analyzes the answers and produces the Export Readiness Assessment report that indicates the current status of the company and the needed interventions and areas of improvement.

This assessment conducts by PalTrade’s certified advisors. It is estimated to take approximately two days for each of the companies.

PalTrade staff carry out this assessment and bear all related costs. The cost for preparing such a report by a local consultant ranges between USD1,200 to USD1,800.


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Business Management Diagnosis

PalTrade offers free diagnostic reports for its member companies. The BMS is an internationally recognized program designed by ITC to diagnose and enhance SMEs’ operations and performance. The diagnosis of the companies will involve scrutinizing the current capabilities, assets, operations and management of the company to identify and highlight the points of weakness and strength, as well as the gaps in the company’s operations and physical assets. The business diagnosis will be based on three aspects:


  • Marketing capabilities:
    • Communication: each company will be reviewed in regards to its sales literature, promotion programs and advertising programs.
    • Distribution: the companies' abilities to set up channels of distribution will be examined.
    • Processing orders: the companies’ capabilities of responding to inquiries, preparing specifications and negotiations, and pricing and quoting procedures will be scrutinized.
  • Production capabilities:
    • Quality: the tasks of developing quality standards, developing quality control procedures, and designing product service departments will be checked.
    • Quantity: the tasks designing and installing plants, tools, and locations of the plant site as well as the engineering production process will be checked.
    • Time: the tasks of determining inventory requirements, handling materials, purchasing and expediting and determining storage and warehousing requirements will be checked.
    • Cost: the tasks of balancing production, developing maintenance systems, improving methods and installing cost reduction programs will be checked.
    • Fulfilling orders: the tasks of fulfilling freight operations, dispatching and scheduling work, and routing and estimating production costs will be scrutinized.
  • Management activities: assessing the marketing and production capabilities, and the management activities in terms of:
    • Planning
    • Executing
    • Control of all of the companies’ resources and capabilities will be scrutinized to check if they are run and implemented according to the best practices.


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