Export Development and Market Intelligence:- this department has the lead role in developing the delivery of the service level programmes and the progression of businesses through each export stage, and ultimately the development of the account management process and approach. The department is also putting in place the necessary support mechanisms to work with industry associations to identify, assess and develop the pipeline of exporting companies, and provide programme support for new exporters; exporters targeting new markets; and export capacity building for companies across product sectors. also the market intelligence unit provides various reports ,studies, market research upon request and many more services.


Export Development & Market Intelligence Director: Ruwa Jabr

Export Promotion:- this department provides the specific expertise in enabling companies to prepare for and take part in selected international exhibitions and trade missions. An annual programme of tailored exhibitions and trade missions will be agreed based on business demand and their export plans, and delivery primarily contracted to external service providers.

The department focus will be to ensure the missions and exhibitions and export promotion initiatives, are targeted at markets where there are clear export opportunities, and businesses are best prepared for the export promotion activity.

Trade Policy:- the Trade Policy department continues to engage members and wider businesses, and feedback their views and experience to policy makers in further creating an enabling environment for Palestinian exporters. It leads the development of an effective diaspora network in overseas markets, working closely with the regular exporter client group and members. There is an increased focus on working to create optimum trade conditions in the priority export markets identified by businesses, given the international recognition of the State of Palestine; and the support provided as part of PalTrade’s services to inform and educate businesses of the relevant trade agreements in place. Trade Policy also leads PalTrade’s executive support for the NES.

Trade Policy Department Director: Shawqi Makhtoub