ENPARD Presentation

ENPARD is an EU intitiative that seeks to encourge the formulation and implementation of long term agriculture and rural development strategies which are participotary, inclusive and innovative, and to strengthen the capacity of national stakeholders.

PalTrade conducted a market intelligence research on the Palestinian Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and Herbs products and their potential in European Markets. The methodology followed in the analysis included a two pronged approach, first by studying the entire Palestinian export basket in order to highlight the products with the highest potential to be exported globally using the (Export Potential Index – EPI) tool. Second, once the FVH products with the highest potential are identified the research studies the European Markets for each product using the (Market Attractiveness Index – MAI).

Moreover, PalTrade conducted a meeting with all stakeholders from both the public and private sectors at the head quarter of the Ministry of Agriculture on the 11th of April 2017, to review the results of this report as shown below:


Potential products:

-          Herbs

-          Dates

-          Capsicum, sweet pepper

-          Olive oil

-          Cluster tomato


Potential markets:

-          Holland

-          Germany

-           Italy

-          Sweden

On 10th to 12th of July 2017, PalTrade and the Ministry of Agriulture held an a seminar to present the recommendations of the European consultants on the target markets above, below you will find the presenations: (click to download)

- Germany: Mr. Husam Halak

- Germany: Ms. Cathrine Hebting

- Netherlands: Mr. Raymond Tans

- Sweden: Ms. Helena Hafgren

- Sweden: Mr. Johan Blanche

- Italy: Ms. Roberta Callieris