Halal Certificate

In accordance with Islamic requirements, Muslims must consume Halal food products, which means that these products must be produced according to Islamic requirements on ingredients and production. Therefore, companies that want to market their products in Islamic countries, such as Malaysia for example, are encouraged to adhere to Halal standards. In recent years, the number of Muslim and non-Muslim countries that have adopted Halal certificates has increased.


PSI is currently working on issuing a Palestinian Halal standards certificate, and they are working to prepare five Palestinian factories to obtain the Halal certificate.




The cost depends on the number of audit hours required and is 150 NIS (or USD 40) per audit hour.
The number of audit hours depends on the size of the company and the other certificates obtained by the company. For example, a company with food safety ISO 22000 or quality system certifications will not require more than three audit hours.