International Market - Specific Requirements

Export Procedure to International Markets via Israeli Borders’ Crossings
I. Specific Requirements for Different Products
Exporters of Agricultural products shall obtain a Foreign Trade Dealing Registration (FTDR) from MNE. In addition, the following requirements are mandatory


2. Food products

For exporting food products the importer should have a health certificate from the Palestinian Ministry of Health which needs in order to issue:
  •  a sample testing and,
  •  a factory license obtained from municipalities,
  •  Chemical tests for some products.
Issuing the Health certificate may take 7 days and costs around 1000NIS.

In order to export pharmaceutical products the exporting company must be registered in the Ministry of Health of the importing country and need to obtain
  1. A Certificate of registration for pharmaceutical products, veterinary products, and cosmetic products;
  2. A Free Sale Certificate(FSC) which clarifies that the product is sold freely in the country of origin under the same name, composition and directions mentioned in the application for registration, and;
  3. Finally need a Certificate of a Pharmaceutical Product (CPP) which is issued by the inspectorate establishing the status of the pharmaceutical, biological, and veterinary product listed and the Good Manufacturing Practices- GMP status of the fabricator of the product.
Those certificates are requirements for product registration in the importing country and should be in the format recommended by the WHO
There are no specific requirements for any of the above mentioned products.