Members Benefits

We provide you with a medium to list your product/service “sell offers”, or any other investment or business endeavors.


This offer listing is organized per economic sector and is frequently updated. Each item or ad in the list is given an expiry date and members will be notified when their item expires; members can choose to renew the original offer or post a new one.


Our website is promoted internationally. The International Chamber of Commerce importer associations in our target countries are frequently given updates of our activities, so are trade unions and export agencies. The contact information of interested parties will be stored and they will be notified whenever new offers are posted.


The exact opposite will also occur as foreign businesses will be allowed to advertise their offers to buy Palestinian products and/or invest or partner with companies. Access to both of these offers will be restricted and only available to PalTrade members.


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Post as many offers as you wish.


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Market pointers are very effective due to the fact that they are concise and info-heavy. For a company that is thinking about expanding offshores or targeting a specific market (i.e. country), a market pointer is an essential “first-step” when assessing these prospects.


The market pointer informs our members about the macroeconomic trends in that market, the prices, quality requirements and market access regulations. All this information is presented in a summarized, brief, and structured manner (in the form of boxed templates as opposed to a report).


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PalTrade members can ask for as many market pointers as they wish (up to 2-days to be prepared).


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Market studies are advanced market pointers that are presented in the form of a written report. They include all the information that is given in market pointers, in addition to consumer behavior, consumer trends, intelligence on distribution channels, and snapshots of the political and economic landscapes of the targeted markets.


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PalTrade members can ask for market studies involving all of Palestine's priority economic sectors and products.


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These are short reports for prices from food and stone and marble products in world markets. The price information is extracted from PalTrade’s internationally recognized subscription information providers.


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PalTrade members can ask for pricing report from a selected number of markets and products only.


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These are short lists with information on potential partners, organized by sector and products. The companies listed will be active importers in their respective sectors, and their contact information will be listed.


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PalTrade members can ask for explore all available business contacts from most economic sectors.


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The virtual exhibition is a simple yet effective channel for our members to advertise their products. In a standardized and operative way, the virtual exhibitions give brief narratives for each company, presents professional pictures for 3-5 products with very brief descriptions and the most essential information only: price, characteristics (color, dimensions, sizes, weight, quantity, etc.).


Our members can provide us with their own professional pictures. The size of the picture (dimensions) and quality (pixilation) should be standardized. PalTrade can recommend photographers for the companies to hire in case they have no available pictures.


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PalTrade members can advertise their products and send us updates as frequently as they wish.


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The inquiry service already caters to all entities affiliated and serviced by PalTrade, essentially serving the entire private/public sector business community. The inquiry service is available free of charge. Clients can walk in, call, email or submit an online inquiry for trade information. PalTrade staff will conduct research and deliver the information in the form of a report. The process is systemized and standardized.


Members inquiries, however, are always given priority and the information delivered to them will always be in the form of a short, written analytical report.


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The Trade Policy department continues to engage members and wider businesses, and feedback their views and experience to policy makers in further creating an enabling environment for Palestinian exporters. It will lead the development of an effective diaspora network in overseas markets, working closely with the regular exporter client group and members. There will be an increased focus on working to create optimum trade conditions in the priority export markets identified by businesses, given the international recognition of the State of Palestine; and the support provided as part of PalTrade’s services to inform and educate businesses of the relevant trade agreements in place. Trade Policy also leads PalTrade’s executive support for the NES.