Palestinian Standard Certificates (PSI and PSM)

Certificates Overview:

There are two types of Palestinian standards:

1. The Palestinian Standards Mark (PSM) which mainly deals with product standards,

2. The Palestinian Quality Marks Standards (PSI) which deals with products as well as the internal processes similar to ISO9001 standards.


Both of these certificates are issued by the Palestinian Standards Institute (PSI), which has many technical committees from academia and industry to issue, review and updates the standards.


Certification Process:

Any Palestinian company that wants to achieve the Palestinian Standards should first ensure that its products and internal processes comply with the desired standards certificate, whether it is PSM or PSI.


To formally apply for either of the certificates, a Palestinian company should contact the Palestinian Standards Institute and complete the PSI standards applications form . PSI will then work with the company to ensure that the products and processes comply with the needed standards by conducting site visits to the company and taking samples of its products to ensure compliance.




The cost of each certificate varies.


For the PSI standards certificate, the cost is related to the size of the firm and can range from 2,000 NIS up to 50,000 NIS.


For the PSM standards certificate, the cost is related to the scope of the company (product types). For example concrete product certificates may cost about 2,600 NIS while meat product certificates may cost about 800 NIS[1].


Certification Benefits (General):


Palestinian companies that are PSM or PSI certified have the potential to gain many benefits. Such certification serves as a proof that the company produces quality products that are in compliance with Palestinian standards, which may lead to higher consumer confidence and higher sales. Palestinian certified companies, as well as products, have the priority in official government tenders. In addition, PSM and PSI certification may help to open new markets, mainly in regional countries (see table below) that have accredited Palestinian standards certificates.


Table 1. List of countries that have mutual recognition agreements with PSI.

# Country Name Status
1 Jordan Full recognition
2 United Arab Emirates Full recognition
3 Algeria Full recognition
4 Morocco Full recognition
5 Sudan Full recognition
6 Israel Under enhancement process