Potential markets depending on products exported


Product Markets
Sausage and similar products of meat, meat offal/blood and food preparations U.A.E, Egypt, Oman/Italy, Kuwait/Qatar, Germany
Monumental/building stone, cut/sawn flat or even Canada, France, Italy/Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland
Monumental/building stone, cut/sawn flat/even, marble/travertine/alabaster Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey/France, U.K.
Spices nes (focussing on thyme and bay leaves) UAE, UK/U.S.A./Germany, France/Saudi Arabia, Canada, Egypt/Oman
Sausage and similar products of meat, meat offal/blood and food preparations based on these products Qatar, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, U.K., Oman/Germany/Spain
Cucumbers and gherkins, prepared or preserved by vinegar or acetic acid U.S.A., UK, France, Canada, Netherlands/Italy/Germany
Cucumbers and gherkins provisionally preserved, but not for immediate consumption France/Spain, Italy, U.S.A./Netherlands, U.K., Canada
Vegetable, fruit, nut and edible parts of plants NES, prepared/preserved by vinegar/acetic acid U.K., U.S.A./Netherlands, Germany, France/Canada, Egypt
Vegetables NES and mixtures provisionally preserved but not for immediate consumption Italy, U.K., U.A.E., Turkey/Germany, France
Sesame oil and its fractions whether/not refined, but not chemically modified France, Germany, U.K., Ethiopia, U.A.E/Netherlands
Olive oil, Virgin Egypt, China, Italy, U.S.A./Japan, Brazil
Tomatoes, fresh or chilled U.S.A, U.A.E, Kazakhstan, Oman, Germany
Dates, fresh or dried USA, Turkey, Canada/ Netherlands, Italy/France/Malaysia, UK/Germany/Egypt
Medicaments, formulated, in bulk U.K., Hong-Kong, UAE, U.S.A., Italy
Waterproof footwear, outer soles/uppers of rubber or plastics Italy, France, Morocco, Germany, U.K.
Waterproof footwear, outer soles and uppers of rubber/plastic, metal toe-cap France/U.S.A., Italy, Canada/Germany, U.K., Egypt
Footwear with uppers of leather or composition leather Germany, Italy, U.A.E., Netherlands, U.K./Sweden
Pullovers, cardigans and similar articles of man-made fibres, knitted U.A.E., Egypt/Germany, Italy, U.S.A./France/UK./Netherlands, Canada
Statuettes and other ornamental articles of porcelain or china U.A.E., Egypt, Italy, Germany, France
Statuettes and other ornamental articles of ceramics U.A.E./Morocco, Turkey, Italy/Brazil, Egypt, U.S.A.
Articles of ceramics U.S.A., U.A.E., Italy/Indonesia, Thailand, Netherlands
Statuettes and other ornaments of wood Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Turkey, U.S.A./U.K.