Product and Market Information

Market Pointers

Market pointers are very effective due to the fact that they are concise and info-heavy. For a company that is thinking about expanding offshores or targeting a specific market (i.e. country), a market pointer is an essential “first-step” when making that assessment. The market pointer will inform our members about the macro economic trends in that market, the prices, quality requirements and market access regulations. All this information will be presented in a summarized, brief, and structured manner (in the form of boxed templates as opposed to a report).

Members will be able to ask PalTrade for as many market pointers as they need, noting that a market pointer can take up to 2 days to be prepared. 


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Market Studies

Market studies are basically advanced market pointers that are presented in the form of a report as opposed to templates. They include all the information that is given in market pointers, in addition to consumer behavior, consumer trends, intelligence on distribution channels, and snapshots of the political and economic landscapes of the targeted markets.

The level of effort put into a market study is much higher than that of a market pointer. Information for market studies will mostly be gathered from paid subscription-services such as Euromonitor, which provide this information for only one, paid user. This information cannot be cut-and-pasted and distributed; rather, it needs to be re-interpreted and paraphrased, analyzed and developed by PalTrade staff.

The price of market reports from websites such as Euromonitor and The Economist’s Intelligence Unit may range from $250 to $1,800. PalTrade staff may spend up to 20 working days (or as little as 5 working days) to prepare the studies. PalTrade staff has also been trained by the ITC to search for relevant information from reliable sources, and to present this information in an intelligent and effective manner.


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Pricing Reports

These are short reports for prices from food and stone and marble products in world markets. The price information is extracted from PalTrade’s internationally recognized subscription information providers.


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Fact Sheets 

Short and effective report for exporting companies, this report will inform our members and non-members about the size of their target market and it’s import share in the world market, likewise will provide them with their competitors and main regional suppliers, ended by our analysis of the possibility to export to this state by taking consideration the unit value.


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Market Access Conditions 

Selling export products into foreign markets requires the compliance of a series of tariff and non-tariff measures. And sometimes, it also takes matching the expectations of buyers in compliance with certain private standards.


On request, PalTrade provides comprehensive information on market access requirements for national products into several target markets.


Having this knowledge will let you understand the formalities to comply with in order to facilitate your sells abroad.