The Quality System in Palestine

Many quality standards have been used by Palestinian industrial firms to demonstrate their ability to continuously manufacture products with needed qualities. Accordingly the number of certified firms had increased over the last few years. See a list of Palestinian companies and their standards certification.


In recent years, different Palestinian firms showed much interest in different quality certification such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP, and HACCP in order to improve their internal process and to compete with other nations industries.


Nowadays, the quality of products as well as the quality of companies systems is vital for Palestinian industrial firms. Quality accreditation will increase the competitiveness of products and will open up markets nationally and internationally.


Palestinian firms show eagerness to acquire quality certificates to increase their sales and to open new markets and improve their internal operations and overall performance. The establishment of the Palestinian Stardards Institute back in 1993 stimulated interest among Palestinian companies and encouraged them obtain the quality mark at that time.


Palestinian companies use many quality standards to help in developing and expanding their businesses. The most familiar standards in the Palestinian business community are the ISO series of standards, the Palestinian quality standards (PSI and PSM), and HACCP.


Palestinian organizations implement quality standards for various reasons, some of them implement the standards to improve their internal operations and reduce costs, and other organizations use the standards as a result of the international trade agreements in order to increase their export capacity or to start exporting to certain countries.


In Palestine, there are about 37 ISO9001 certified companies, approximately 8 ISO22000 certified food manufacturing companies, 4 pharmaceutical companies accredited with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) one of which is certified with German GMP, 10 HACCP (international certificates for critical points in the food supply chain industry) standards certified companies, and a good number of companies accredited with Palestinian standards certificates.