Trade Information Services

Item-1: Business opportunities

PalTrade website provides a medium for PalTrade members to list their offers to sell products and/or services, or any other investment or business endeavors.


This offer-listing organized per economic sectors, and it updates frequently. Each item or ad in the list has an expiry date so members will be notify when their item expires; members can  choose to renew the original offer or post a new one.


The exact opposite also occurs as foreign businesses are allowed to advertise their offers to buy Palestinian products, and/or invest or partner with companies.


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Item-2: Virtual exhibition

The virtual exhibition is effective channel for our members to advertise their products. In a standardized and effective way, the virtual exhibitions give a brief narrative for each company, present professional pictures for 3-5 products with very brief descriptions and the most essential information only: price, characteristics (color, dimensions, sizes, weight, quantity, etc.).


Our members have to provide us with professional pictures. The size of the picture (dimensions) and quality (pixilation) standardized as will the background (white background). PalTrade can recommend photographers for the companies to hire in case they have no available pictures.


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Item-3: Market pointers

Market pointers are very effective due to the fact that they are concise and info-heavy. For a company that is thinking about expanding offshores or targeting a specific market (i.e. country), a market pointer is an essential “first-step” when making that assessment. The market pointer will inform our members about the macro economic trends in that market, the prices, quality requirements and market access regulations. All this information present in a summarized, brief, and structured manner (in the form of boxed templates as opposed to a report).


Members are able to ask PalTrade for as many market pointers as they need, noting that a market pointer can take up to 2 days to be prepared. 


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Item-4: Market studies

Market studies are basically advanced market pointers that are presented in the form of a report as opposed to templates. They include all the information that is given in market pointers, in addition to consumer behavior, consumer trends, intelligence on distribution channels, and snapshots of the political and economic landscapes of the targeted markets.


The level of effort put into a market study is much higher than that of a market pointer. Information for market studies mostly gathered from paid subscription-services such as Euromonitor, which provide this information for only one, paid user. This information cannot be cut-and-pasted and distributed; rather, it needs to be re-interpreted and paraphrased, analyzed and developed by PalTrade staff.


The price of market reports from websites such as Euromonitor and The Economist’s Intelligence Unit may range from $250 to $1,800. PalTrade staff may spend up to 20 working days (or as little as 5 working days) to prepare the studies.


PalTrade staff has also been trained by the ITC to search for relevant information from reliable sources, and to present this information in an intelligent and effective manner.


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Item-5 : Fact Sheets

Short and effective report for exporting companies, this report will inform our members and non-members about the size of their target market and it’s import share in the world market, likewise will provide them with their competitors and main regional suppliers, ended by our analysis of the possibility to export to this state by taking consideration the unit value.


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Item-6: Price reports

Short reports for prices of our food and stone and marble products in world markets. For food prices, the price information extracted from Euromonitor (for monthly and yearly prices) and FoodNEWS (for daily and weekly prices). Stonecontact used for extracting prices for stone and marble products.


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Item-7: Business contacts

Short lists with information on potential partners, organized by sector and products. We can provide our members with these lists upon their request, also we will upload a new list on our website each month.


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Item-8: Inquiry service

The inquiry service already caters to all entities affiliated and serviced by PalTrade, essentially serving the entire private/public sector business community. The inquiry service is available free of charge. Clients can walk in, call, or make an email inquiry for trade information. PalTrade staff will conduct research and deliver the information in the form of a report. The process is systemized and standardized.


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Item-9 : Market Access Conditions

Selling export products into foreign markets requires the compliance of a series of tariff and non-tariff measures. And sometimes, it also takes matching the expectations of buyers in compliance with certain private standards.


On request, PalTrade provides comprehensive information on market access requirements for national products into several target markets.


Having this knowledge will let you understand the formalities to comply with in order to facilitate your sells abroad.


Item-10 : Smart Phones Application

We strive to stay connected to you (our members) with our new smartphone app, to keep you posted with the center’s most recent news and achievements, the situation at the border crossings, and other quick to reach  useful trade information.


This information will be sent to PalTrade members by email and SMS. It contains critical trade-related news such as price changes, arising trends, natural disasters in target markets, and new political developments in target markets.