Our History and Evolution


A Glance at PalTrade

The Palestine Trade Center (PalTrade) was established in 1998. We are a non-profit, membership based organization with a national mandate to lead the development of exports as a driving force for sustainable economic growth. We advocate a competitive, business enabling environment and are dedicated to improving trade competitiveness .  PalTrade provides a wide range of export support services in the areas of export development and market intelligence, export promotion, and export policy and advocacy.


PalTrade identifies and brings visibility to Palestinian exporters by unleashing their export potential to transform their businesses and accelerate prosperity in their communities. We identify high potential, deserving enterprises with high growth tendencies. We are committed to the materialization of their immense potential and their emergence as successful exporters through four main processes:


(1) Business services: Assessments, promotion and business skill training.


(2) Inform-influence stakeholders: Trade policy reporting and advocacy.


(3) Network strengthening: Connections to peers, markets and opportunities.


(4) Market intelligence: Surveying consumer and market trends.


PalTrade raises issues of concern through national and international public awareness campaigns. We cooperate and work with civil society, government and businesses to address trade impediment issues through a multi-stakeholder approach; we promote effective trade policies by connecting practitioners and policymakers. By advocating for the implementation of business-enabling laws, increasing public awareness and supporting the sustainability of firm-level export capabilities, PalTrade contributes to the creation of a Palestinian businesses society where the potential for success is unlimited.


We provide services that help Palestinian companies assess their export readiness, build their capacity to export, and identify new export markets. Moreover, PalTrade provides support for businesses in terms of export promotion programs, trade missions, business-to-business meetings, and policy advocacy.


PalTrade is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – Palestine.


Vision, Mission

  • Strategic vision

    • A competitive, globally connected, export driven Palestinian economy.
  • Strategic mission and statement of purpose

    • To lead the development and sustainable increase of Palestinian exports as a driving force for sustainable national economic growth.
  • Our values

    • Integrity  –  PalTrade will adhere to the rule of law and will not tolerate corrupt practices by members, clients and suppliers, or work with companies employing child labor.
    • Quality  –  PalTrade services and products will be recognized nationally and internationally as ‘best-practice’ examples.
    • Equality  –  PalTrade will be fully inclusive in delivering its export development mandate and our services will be available to all businesses interested in exporting, with specific emphasis placed on increasing women’s participation in export-related activities, and ensuring gender mainstreaming across PalTrade’s internal structures and external programs.
    • Sustainability  –  PalTrade will work to ensure that staff and clients recognize the importance of environmental sustainability and work to identify export opportunities in this area.
    • Leadership  –  PalTrade will honor a commitment to uphold honesty in all its business dealings, and work to enhance its reputation as an organization promoting best practice in business management, and in the consistent delivery of high quality services to its clients.


Corporate reports