Palestine Trade Center

Abd Al Rahman Hussam Abd Al-Rahman Hijjawi
Board Member
Mr. Hijjawi is the General manager of Al-Hijjawi Paper and Stationery Trade Company, a leading trade and distribution company in Palestine with a market share of -,+25%. Mr. Hijjawi brings more than 30 years of experience in the business and management fields with solid strategic thinking and crisis management skills. He has been managing the company since 1993, during this long journey he succeeded to position the company as the market leader in the local market by developing its trade lines, increasing its market share, and creating strategic partnerships with regional and international stationary vendors and manufacturers. Mr. Hijjawi is a board member at A.R. Hijjawi Group which totally owns the stationary company, Al Hijjawi Printing Press Co. and Al Hijjawi Printing & Investment Co. LTD, also vice chairman of board director’s at “ Paper industries Co. LTD”- Hebron. Mr. Hijjawi is an active member in many economic and social institutions. He is a board member at the Palestine Trade Centre since 2019 and he was elected as a board member at the “Palestinian Red Crescent Society “ in Nablus city from 2010-2014. Mr. Hijjawi holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Jordan University of Science and Technology.

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